Energy Healing + Custom High Frequency Jewelry

Discover how to work with energy frequency to overcome blocks and energetic patterns that are holding you back. In this 45-minute session, we'll look at current energy patterns in your aura and discuss how these are serving you and how they are keeping you stuck.

We'll tune in to a higher level of consciousness to draw in what crystal energies are wanting to work with you! We'll call upon their wisdom to formulate a personal practice for working with these high frequencies to shift stuck energy and reprogram new patterns that will raise your vibration.

We discuss your jewelry style and personal preferences from which a custom piece of jewelry will be designed just for you. This could include a necklace, bracelet, earrings or anything that feels appropriate.

During the creation process, healing light energy will be activated in the piece to offer a unique and very personalized level of support. With it, you'll receive instructions for how to work with your piece to shift your consciousness and elevate your vibration. 


No prior knowledge or experience is needed for this work. For more information on your energy body, auras and the akashic records, check out our FAQ's. 


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