Golden Healer Quartz Tumbled Stones

Golden healer quartz is wonderful for inviting in healing golden light in through the crown and down into the body to cleanse and protect the aura. It enhances spiritual connection and communication as it removes energetic blocks as it connects you with divine life force energy.  

  • Healing golden light energy for cleansing, balancing and protecting the aura.
  • Enhances spiritual connection to deepen psychic abilities and spiritual communication.
  • Supportive to all of the chakras as it aligns them and removes energetic blocks.
  • Tumbles have a smooth surface and feel great in your palm making them wonderful for meditation.
  • Stones will vary from 1-1.5"

Each stone is a unique mineral from the earth and may vary slightly in color, size and shape. This to be expected with natural materials. Your love for each of its expressions is appreciated.

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