Shungite Pyramid Small

Shungite is an amazing stone for grounding, protection, purification and energetic alignment.

It protects you from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and has the ability to absorb negative energy and substances from the environment. It is especially good for purifying water and placing near electronics to shield you from EMFs.

Shungite works on a molecular level within the body to facilitate energetic alignment. It cleanses all of the particles of the physical body making it good for physical healing, having both anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effects on the body. It is also extremely grounding and offers psychic protection to the aura.

With its deep cleansing and aligning properties, shungite enables the physical body to hold more light, merging the physical body with the lightbody in harmonic resonance. This increases your frequency and accelerates ascension.

When in this resonance, you will vibrate with the frequency of truth and have difficulty orienting to anything that is not rooted in truth. In this way, shungite is supportive to standing in, speaking and aligning with your truth.

Shungite truly supports you in anchoring your light to become a radiate being of light! 

Read our blog post, Shungite Uses and Properties for more info.

  • Pyramind energy gathers universal energies and directs it down to the base to the body, perfect for healing
  • Pyramid energy also sends energy up and out and is a wonderful protection shape making it great for gridding rooms, land or for your general environment
  • Healing crystal energy for EMF protection and grounding
  • The perfect stone for anchoring your light
  • Supports standing in your truth 
  • Perfect for placing on your nightstand, altar or a special place where you’ll see it daily and enjoy it’s positive, energetic vibe; or placing in your pocket 
  • A wonderful stone for meditation to cleanse the body and raise your vibration
  • Polished stone means that it has a smooth surface 
  • Stones are 3cm / approx 1.25"
Every crystal is a natural mineral form the earth which means variations to color, size and shape are normal.

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