Custom Mala Made Just for You

Have you been searching for the right mala, but just haven't found it? Or maybe you've purchased one, but there's just something off about it. Wherever you are in your mala journey, we're glad you here. There's a saying that goes you don't pick the mala, the mala picks you. So if you're on this page, that's a good sign that a custom mala is exactly what you need!

We view malas as a sacred part of yoga practice. They are special tools that when used for mantra meditation, shift our consciousness level to raise our vibration, making us more and more magnetic. With a dedicated practice, life begins to flow in new ways and with greater ease.

When you purchase a custom mala, we first tune into you intuitively to gather information from the field about where you might need support. We then arrange a phone consultation to discuss where you are needing support and any preferences you may have regarding design - materials, length, colors, etc. From there, we make recommendations and present those to you with our reasoning why we selected the materials we did. Everything is guided with careful intention. We match the right crystals and colors to support you energetically to help you in making the shifts you desire. The process is always beautiful. You'll feel the magic, guaranteed!

We consider it an honor to be part of your journey and to assist you in this way. All of our malas are made with loving intention and blessed with reiki energy. If you're ready to get started, just purchase this item and then contact us to arrange a Mala Magic appointment! Let's do it!

Note: The pictures included here are of other custom designs. You are purchasing your own custom design with this item. All custom malas come with a small bag made of recycled sari fabric, like pictured. They do not come with crystals unless you wish to purchase them separately.

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