Peaceful Tulsi Mala

The Peaceful Tulsi Mala has been thoughtfully designed and handmade with love to promote a peaceful state and ground you in the stability of the earth's field so that you may lean into greater states of tranquility. It includes a soothing blend of crystal energies that are amplified by the power of quartz to support your beautiful journey. 

The mala design includes:

  • Tulsi - a powerful adaptogenic herb that reduces inflammation and dispels negativity offering protection.
  • Quartz - a master healer that amplifies all other energies of the mala. It also is excellent for storing information such as any intentions you wish to program into the crystals. 
  • Peach aventurine - a wonderful stone for calming an overactive mind and reducing anxiety.
  • Howlite - great for calming, reducing anxiety and moving to a state of surrender. Supportive to healthy sleep and helps to attune to a higher spiritual field of consciousness to connect and expand.
  • Amazonite - great for easing stress and anxiety, promoting a tranquil state and enhancing clear communication. 
  • White turquoise - builds spiritual attunement connecting you to higher realms and enhancing communication with spirit.
  • Peaceful purple tassel - a color of wisdom, inner knowing and spiritual connection. This color is supportive to both the third eye and crown chakras promoting balance and enhancing a sense of purpose, oneness and peace.

Note that with use, tulsi will develop a darker appearance as the oils from your skin come into contact with it. Think of it how leather becomes richer over time with wear, developing its own unique characteristics. This will symbolize the beauty of your journey. As your practice grows, you will develop a special relationship with your mala and it will start feel like an old friend.

Check out the mala making ebook, The Art of Mala Making, Ritual, and Practice.

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