Ganesha Necklace Limited Edition

This is a limited edition, handmade necklace featuring the essence Ganesha and the inspiration of connecting with the divinity within.

Ganesha is a notable Hindu god who is the remover of obstacles and is especially helpful when embarking on new endeavors or pursuing success with any task, big or small. This necklace makes a special gift for one starting a new business or venture, changing jobs, buying a house or entering a new relationship. It is especially helpful with any obstacle that may impede success.

  • Features a beautiful ethnic carved bone Ganesha encased in silver plated brass with beautiful metal carvings on the backside as well.
  • Made with wood, howlite and lavastone for connecting your root and crown with the earth and the heavens to stabilize and expand your spirit. 
  • Howlite is especially wonderful for calming and connecting to the crown chakra to expand your consciousness.
  • Lavastone can be infused with essential oils to incorporate a sensory journey into your practice.
  • Modern, neutral palette blends beautifully with everything.
  • Perfect for yogis and those who follow a spiritual path and love calling upon the divine for guidance and healing.
  • Approximately 30" in length.
  • Layer it with shorter delicate pieces or wear it by itself as a reminder to express your beautiful, unique style. 

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