Durga Medicine Woman Necklace

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The Durga Medicine Woman Necklace is handmade with loving intention to deeply connect you with your shamanic lineage as a healer and/or the healed. It features a shaman medicine stick pendant tied with leather onto a beautiful strand of tiger's eye, recycled African glass, bone beads, and tulsi. It carries the energies of Mother Earth, shamanic tradition and the power of the Hindu goddess, Durga, the protective mother of the universe.

Allow the energies to deeply connect you with your ancestors who were healers, protectors, lovers and medicine people here to usher in love and light so that we may be transformed into our authentic and highest self.

  • Beautiful statement necklace perfect for healers and shamans to be used in ceremonial work to to connect with the wisdom of your ancestors.
  • Deeply spiritual energies for supporting healing work both within yourself and as a healer who guides and works with others.
  • Lovingly handmade in the USA.
  • Necklace is approximately 28-30" in length.

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