Unity Stacking Bracelet - Supports NUL

The Unity Bracelet is designed to unite you with the energy of oneness by balancing your energy centers, protecting you from negativity and connecting you to the vibration of OM, the primordial sound of the universe that transcends space, time and being and connects us all.

Proceeds for this bracelet are being donated to the National Urban League to support their work in securing economic self-reliance, parity, and civil rights for African Americans and underserved urban residents.

Healing crystals blended together are:

  • Dalmatian jasper: protection, joy, lightheartedness
  • Coral: vital life force energy, passion
  • Carnelian: creativity, strength, courage, confidence
  • Citrine:abundance, success, happiness, energy
  • Green aventurine:prosperity, luck, wellbeing
  • Howlite: surrender, clear communication, calming
  • Lapis lazuli:wisdom, truth, inner knowing
  • Purple jasper:supports crown chakra, releases fear
  • OM charm:sacred sound and symbol that embodies collective consciousness

Mantra: I AM deeply connected.

Use the unity bracelet to set your intentions. This bracelet can double as a mala and be used for mindful meditation to chant a powerful mantra that relates to what it is you wish to co-create. 

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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