Heart Chakra Mala

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This is a one-of-a-kind mala designed exclusively for the heart chakra. It is made of new jade, rose quartz, kiwi jasper, and rhodonite. It features an agate guru bead, a gold-plated heart chakra yantra and is finished with a pink silky tassel. New jade helps to balance the emotions, reduces anxiety, and promotes calmness. This particular stone has been dyed to enhance its green color. This does not affect the energetic properties of the stone but does impart the healing affects of green which include renewal, growth, and prosperity. Rose quartz is a master healer of the heart embodying all forms of love and especially unconditional self-love. He helps with forgiveness, attracts romance, and strengthens all relationships. Kiwi jasper cleanses and aligns the chakras and aura to promote balance and emotional strength throughout our system. It also protects against negative energies. Rhodonite is another powerful heart healing stone that helps release blocked energy, let go of fears, support forgiveness, and promotes compassion. The agate guru bead provides balance and stability. The pink tassel is symbolic of the higher heart chakra that connects us to higher spiritual levels of awareness and aligns with selfless unconditional love.

Together, the stones and colors were thoughtfully chosen to create a powerful energy field for a balanced and healthy heart chakra. Each chakra is designated with its own yantra, which is a shape or design that is based on sacred geometric principles.

In addition to mantra meditation using a mala, you can also meditate by simply gazing softly at the yantra associated with the chakra you wish to focus on. Yantra meditation helps to give the eye and mind a place to focus, filtering out distracting noises and external stimuli. The heart chakra yantra is symbolized by two intersecting triangles that create a six pointed star and is surrounded by a circle radiating twelve lotus petals. The heart chakra associated with emotional balance, joy, compassion, love, and our relationship with our self and others. The seed mantra for the heart chakra is YAM.

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