Selenite Chakra Stones

Balance and unify your chakras into a beautiful column of light with this selenite chakra set. Each stone is engraved with the yantra of the corresponding seven main chakras. This is a wonderful set to use for balancing your energy centers and bringing energetic harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

Each stone is selenite, which is like liquid light. Selenite is a powerhouse in the world of crystals. Comprised of gypsum, one of the most abundant elements of the earth, it is soft white in color with a linear texture. It clears negative energy and helps to restore emotional balance. It is especially go to use after being around negative people or in crowds or anytime you feel the weight of others' energy. It is a self charging stone meaning it never has to be cleansed or cleared. It can charge other stones and gemstone jewelry by simply laying them on the selenite. This stone is also great for opening energy of the crown chakra and helping you to establish greater connection to the divine and angelic realm.

  • Chakra crystals for balancing your energy field bringing harmony and resilience
  • Clears and protects against negative energy
  • Perfect for reiki practitioners or yogis
  • Wonderful for releasing negative energy
  • Stones will vary in size from 1.2-1.5"
  • Each set comes with a canvas keepsake bag

Selenite should not be exposed to water as it can dissolve when wet.

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