Tumbled Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone for the manifestation of wealth and prosperity. It is also helpful for increasing your luck in not only games of chance, but luck in life as well, opening you up to attracting new positive opportunities. It encourages a sense of decisiveness as well, allow yourself a confidence in your decisions. 

It is also a wonderful heart healer and protector. It imparts calmness and helps to resolve past traumas and emotional issues. 

  • Healing crystal energy for manifestation of wealth and increasing luck and heart healing
  • Perfect as a pocket stone, placing on your nightstand or using in crystal grids
  • Tumbled stone means that it is smooth to touch with no rough edges
  • Stones will vary in size from .75"-1.25" in length
Every crystal is a natural mineral form the earth which means variations to color, size and shape are normal.

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