Pria Shungite Necklace

Long, delicate, gold-plated over sterling silver chain necklace featuring shungite, gold quartz spikes and dalmatian jasper. This necklace offers the energies of protection and purification and they are further amplified by the quartz. Wear it when you will be around crowds of people and use it to protect you against harmful EMFs.

  • Healing crystal energy for protection against negative energy and harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).
  • Quartz crystal amplifies the energy of the other stones and your intentions.
  • A beautiful statement necklace that is equally stylish and healing with soothing crystal energy for softening the journey.
  • Bold neutrals pair nicely with many palettes.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Necklace is approximately 30" in length.

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