Anchor the Light Energy Healing

In this 45-minute session, we will discuss where in your life you are wanting to make shifts or changes to embody a more empowered or higher version of yourself! We'll look at the energy patterns present and draw about deeper insights to shift and rebalance this energy at its core. 

Recommendations will be provided for how to bring your energy field into balance and how to work with energetic patterns. These patterns take time to develop and they take a concerted effort to reprogram. Healing modalities include such things as working with crystal energy, reframing thought patterns using EFT tapping, affirmations and personal mantras, vibrational sound healing, high frequency jewelry and other energy healing techniques.

You'll leave this session with a defined set of practices for awakening your awareness and shifting your energy to move into greater balance and optimize wellbeing. 

To focus our time together, it is best to review the aura and akashic records FAQ's beforehand so that you have a full understanding of some of these fundamental principles.  

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