Aura Painting and Reading

Your aura is your energetic signature. It emanates all around you and soaks up energetic information that informs the other subtle bodies as well as the physical body. You also give off energy through this exchange. The aura is comprised of chakras, or wheels of energy that align vertically down the body and are each associated with a gland in the body. Long before disease appears in the body, there are energetic imbalances and imprints in the subtle bodies (emotional, mental, etheric, causal) that allow dis-ease to manifest. Through good self-care, self-study and a willingness to resolve energetic blocks, wellness and vitality prevail and are sustained.

Prior to our scheduled session, I will tune into your energetic field to interpret your aura colors and energetic expression present in your field at the time. Your auric field may change based on your lifestyle and cellular changes, just like your mood may change from day to day. However, it is common to have a dominant color, just like your personality, that stays fairly consistent over time.

Once your energetic field is understood, this will then be interpreted in an artistic expression of watercolor painting. During the creative process, the art will play a role in creating its own expression as watercolor naturally does. There are messages from spirit revealed during the creative process that further inform your reading. It is a beautiful process.

Once the painting is complete, we will arrange a call or in-person session for it to be read and explained. You will gain insights, clarity, and confirmation about your journey, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. We will also discuss pathways for strengthening your health, vitality, and energetic vibration to align with your goals and/or desires.

If the session is conducted remotely, an image of the painting will be shared during the reading and your painting will be mailed to you thereafter.

Reading is typically 30-45 minutes. 

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