Crystal Grids Virtual Workshop

Take your crystal work to the next level! In this workshop series, you will learn how to confidently create and work with your own crystal grid to support the co-creation of your intentions! Receive expert guidance and join a community of like-minded souls to learn, grow and share your creations. Here's what we'll cover:

Class One - July 7:

Learn what crystal grids are and the benefits of working with them. You'll be guided to set an intention for your grid. You'll learn about the different sacred geometry shapes and why these are important. You'll choose which one to work with for your grid. You'll learn how to use a pendulum and how to select the right stones for creating a powerful energy field of support. You'll also learn different ways to cleanse and clear your stones. After this class, you'll have everything you need to purchase your materials in preparation for class two.

Class Two - July 14:

In this class, you'll learn where to place your stones on your grid and how to network the energies together to activate it. You'll choose a location for your grid and learn how to work with it. We'll also cover how long to work with your grid and how to disassemble it when you have completed your work with it. After this class, you'll have your grid activated and working for you!

BONUS! Class Three - July 21:

In this class, we'll come together in service to humanity creating grids for unity and peace. Now that you know how to create a grid, we will each bring materials to this class to create a grid with our own individual expression of oneness and peace. We will activate them together and then connect them to each other to create an even bigger, global field of positive energy for the collective. We'll close with a meditation to connect our hearts and send out powerful intentions for healing, unity, equality and love. 

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Step into the powerful co-creator that you are and start raising your vibration in a whole new way! Once you learn how, you'll have this beautiful skill to come back to again and again, creating new grids whenever you are needing additional support.

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