Anchor the Light Ritual Kit

Anchor the Light Ritual Kit

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Important Details

Note all prepaid plans are set to auto renew at the end of your prepay period; however, you may easily manage your subscription and cancel anytime by logging in to the customer portal.

For monthly plans, all charges will be billed on the first (1st) of each month. So if you subscribe today, you won't be billed until the first of the next month.

Each box will ship on the tenth (10th) of each month.

You can cancel anytime! You can also skip a month for any reason. We highly encourage sharing your bracelet and crystals. So if at any point, the items don't resonate with you, that's a good sign that they are meant for someone else. Feel into it. Your heart always knows! 

Your Contribution Matters

When you do this inner work, you elevate the light for everyone. You are truly being of service. In addition, Sarah Belle gives a small portion of proceeds to the Rainforest Foundation US on a quarterly basis as part of our Align with Love program. So in addition to raising the vibration, you are contributing to preserving the lungs of our planet.