Crystal Grids for Peace Challenge

Crystal Grids for Peace Challenge

Join me for a Crystal Grids for Peace Challenge!

This is a FREE community event where we will come together to create our own unique crystal grids for peace. We will build them together, activate them and connect them to each other to create larger coherent energy field for bringing more peace during these heavy times.

Intention when coupled with crystal energy is a powerful thing! Together we can be of greater service by by simply sending our vibrations for healing, cooperation, justice, equality, oneness and peace out into the world.

We'll close our session with a short, guided meditation to uplift our hearts and promote peaceful coexistence for all beings.

Who It's For

This challenge is for those who already know how to create a crystal grid. If you're new to crystals or aren't sure where to start with grids, learn more and sign up for our Crystal Grids Workshop here!

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