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The Mission

Anchor the Light MissionThe Anchor the Light subscription box is part of a bigger mission to anchor more light on the planet, raising the vibration and helping the collective to shift into this new paradigm. We are moving into the golden age. People everywhere are experiencing this shift. Our patriarchal system is being challenged and the old systems and structures are weakening and becoming more and more unstable. There is an uprising of the divine feminine causing our masculine and feminine energies to move into greater balance. This shift is bringing more love, collaboration, inclusivity, cooperation and spirit into our communities. And the change starts with you - your choices, your daily actions, and how you show up in the world.


Raise Your Vibration 

With this subscription box, each month you will be prompted to do the healing work of transforming your beliefs using affirmations, journaling, setting intentions, using memory queues like jewelry and crystals to remind you of your powerful role as a co-creator and inspire you to be the change by taking and active role in your own healing. When we do this inner work, we heal for our ancestors. We clear out old stories and timelines that no longer serve us. We create more space within for more light to flow in. We become more radiant and our presence alone activates others.  

With this subscription box, you will also be prompted to share thoughtful sentiments with others, spreading vibrations of loving kindness. It's like having a built in system for prompting your random acts of kindness! It feels good to give. When we give freely and show others we care, there is a natural response both in the recipient and in ourselves... gratitude. 

Gratitude and compassion are the highest vibrations. When you experience gratitude, you are elated and your energies and emotions are lifted. It is the feeling state that is the language of the universe. In this high frequency state will naturally attract positive experiences. It is this frequency that will create the global shift towards more love and light on the planet. 

Work with Affirmations

What's Included 

  • Affirmation Card
  • Spread Kindness Card
  • Bracelet
  • Crystal
  • About this Box Card
  • How to Use Card

How to Use

Affirmation Card - created using handmade art from Sarah Belle, this card includes a powerful affirmation to help reprogram your belief patterns around a particular area. Use this card as part of your contemplative practice to dive deep into your current beliefs. Journal prompts will be included to help kickstart this process. Place the card where you will see it everyday to reinforce your beliefs and hold any new feelings in your body. This is even more powerful when combined with meditation and visualization!

Anchor the Light Monthly Box

Spread Kindness Card - also includes handmade art from Sarah Belle, this card is meant to be given away to show someone special, you care. Consider who you think that month's message may resonate with most. If you feel included, you can even include your bracelet or crystal to make it a sweet little gift! We encourage you to give freely. Feel into the experience. Have compassion and gratitude for the special people in your life. 

Bracelet - each month you will receive a thoughtfully designed bracelet that incorporates crystal energy for assisting your practice. You can program your intentions into the bracelet and wear it as a reminder of what you are cultivating in your life. Instructions for programing your bracelet are provided.


Crystal - each month you will receive a different crystal. Crystals may be programed with your intentions as well. You can carry your crystal in your pocket to keep its energy close by. You can also place it on your nightstand or someplace where you'll see it everyday or even use it in a grid. Crystals will vary in size from .75-1.5".

About this Box Card - you will receive information about what is included in each box so you better understand the crystals and how they are supporting you.

How to Use Card - you will receive a card that explains how to use the contents in the box so you will never be lost! Anyone can incorporate these practices to improve wellbeing, strengthen self care and raise their vibration. It's a powerful thing and a service to our collective. 

About the Subscription

Crystal Healing Bracelet

By subscribing monthly, you are holding yourself accountable to this beautiful practice!

All charges will be billed on the first (1st) of each month. So if you subscribe today, you won't be billed until the first of the next month.

Each box will ship on the tenth (10th) of each month.

You can cancel anytime. You can also skip a month if you need to for any reason. We highly encourage sharing your bracelet and crystals. So if at any point, the items don't resonate with you, that's a good sign that they are meant for someone else. Feel into it. Your heart always knows! 

Your Contribution Matters

When you do this work, you elevate the light for everyone. You are truly being of service. In addition, Sarah Belle gives a small portion of proceeds to the Rainforest Foundation US on a quarterly basis as part of our Align with Love program. So in addition to raising the vibration, you are contributing to preserving the lungs of our planet.

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