Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a healing modality for resolving past traumas that are surfacing in your everyday life. If you have a repetitive thought or fear or find yourself playing out the same scene or having the same conflicts, there is a good chance a past life trauma could be influencing the situation. In this session, you will experience a guided meditation that feels deeply relaxing. Together, we will safely travel back to a scene in your past that is influencing you today to create resolution. You will receive profound insights and experience a healing on a deep level that promotes peace and reduces anxiety. Together, we will discuss your experience and future pathways for integrating this healing. Session is 60-75 minutes.

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Aura Painting and Reading

Your aura is your energetic signature. It emanates all around you and soaks up energetic information that informs the other subtle bodies as well as the physical body. You also give off energy through this exchange. The aura is comprised of chakras, or wheels of energy that align vertically down the body and are each associated with a gland in the body. Long before disease appears in the body, there are energetic imbalances and imprints in the subtle bodies (emotional, mental, etheric, causal) that allow dis-ease to manifest. Through good self-care, self-study and a willingness to resolve energetic blocks, wellness and vitality prevail and are sustained. 

In this session, your aura will be energetically interpreted in an artistic expression of watercolor painting. It will represent what is present in your field at the time of you reading. Your auric field may change based on your lifestyle and cellular changes. However, it is common to have a dominant color, just like your personality, that stays fairly consistent over time. The painting will be read and explained and you will have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss pathways for strengthening your health, vitality, and your journey through this lifetime. Session is 60-75 minutes.

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Distance Crystal Healing Session

Crystal healing offers a form of therapy to individuals open to the power of the earth's vibrations. Crystals have been used since the beginning of time by ancient civilizations as talismans and jewelry for protection and peace offerings. Crystals are formed of a consistent and repetitive molecular structure which allow them to hold a consistent energetic vibration. When we come into contact with them, our energy field becomes entrained with their vibration to resonate at a steady frequency. With crystals, we have the ability to align and balance our energy centers promoting healing, peace and relaxation. 

Experience a customized energetic crystal healing session in the comfort of your own home. Receive a one-on-one consultation to discuss barriers and challenges that are showing up in your life. Crystals are intuitively chosen for you and their healing energy will be lovingly sent to your location to bring your chakras into balance and to increase your overall wellbeing. Following the healing, we will conclude with a follow up discussion and a report of your session will be emailed within 48 hours. Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes.         

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Customized Crystal Grid

Receive a customized crystal grid for supporting your journey. Receive a one-on-one consultation to discuss the areas of your life needing support or intentions you wish to manifest. We will work collaboratively to intuitively chose the right design and crystals for your grid. We will discuss the best location for it and you will learn how to activate and recharge your grid following the session. Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes.   

Crystal Healing Benefits

  • Feeling fatigued or low energy? Realign your chakras and energetic frequencies.
  • Going through relationship issues or grieving a loss? Clear past trauma and release emotional pain.
  • Curious about learning more about your path? Crystal healing can improve your spiritual growth and development.
  • Feeling anxious or stressed with life’s challenges and responsibilities? Reduce stress and anxiety, relieve headaches and calm the mind.
  • Experiencing physical pain related to illness, injury or arthritis? Relieve physical pain and remove energetic blocks related to illness.
  • Trying to become pregnant? Increase fertility for pregnancy.
  • Experiencing negative thought patterns and overactive self-criticism? Boost self-love, combat self-esteem issues, increase compassion.
  • Struggling with your job and/or financial freedom? Improve your relationship with money or job situation. Increase abundance and manifestation.
  • Feeling drained after being around others? Increase and protect your energy field.
  • Forgetful or losing focus? Crystal healing can help with grounding, memory and concentration.

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Personalized Yoga Session

You hear yoga is good for you, but you aren't sure where to start? Receive a one-on-one yoga session where we will break everything down and learn how your body moves. Understand your ranges of motion and where your limits are. Learn why passive stretching may weaken you over time and know what to do to build strength in your body and your practice. Develop greater attunement with your physical body and come to fully understand what it means to listen to your body. This session is tailored to the individual. There are no wrong questions and we can cover everything from yoga basics to how to train for 'advanced' postures. Session is 60 minutes.

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