Aligned Stacking Bracelet (Diffuser)

The aligned stacking bracelet is made of matte kiwi jasper that is supportive to aligning, cleansing, and balancing your chakras and your entire aura to bring about tranquility and wholeness. It reduces negativity and soothes during times of stress. It is complemented by lavastone which helps to ground and stabilize emotions and provide support during times of change; labradorite that protects and strengthens the aura and provides support through transformation and helps to ground spiritual energy; coco shell and wood for grounding your energy; botswana agate for grounding; dalmatian jasper for imparting lightness, joy and protecting against negativity keeping you aligned with positive vibes; and amazonite for instilling calming vibrations. These stones help to align and ground your energy so that you can come into true balance, seeking your highest and best life.

To diffuse your favorite essential oil, simply drop a few drops of oil in the grey lavastone beads.

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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