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Ready for a Quantum Leap in your soul's highest evolution with the knowledge + tools + skills + confidence to ascend on your spiritual journey? 

Want a High-Vibe Support Structure with accountability, tailored mentorship, strategies, resources and more?

Ready to join an intimate Community of Like-Minded Souls on the same path?

Anchor the Light Self-Mastery is a high-vibe mentorship and soul-expanding accelerator that will help you awaken to deeper truths and master the ever-changing flow of life with grace and ease.  From empowering experiences and accountability to stay the course, to personalized guidance and a small community of inspiring souls, you'll learn to live with more purpose, freedom and peace. 

This is for you if...

  • You know that you can no longer put your self-care on the back burner and are ready to reclaim the higher level of wellness that is available and waiting for you and your spirit.
  • Bottling up emotions and lacking boundaries has led you to feeling lost or in a rut but you are READY to find your voice and embody a truer expression of self.
  • You are spiritually numb and are not sure where to start with building a deeper self-care practice that will cultivate connection and build your intuition.
  • You worry about fitting in and would love to connect with a supportive group of women in sisterhood to share and grow.
  • Rising to a better version of YOU requires commitment, and you not only know that ... but you're ready to own it!
  • You realize that next level self-mastery requires an environment of mentorship + community that supports your growth and mindset.
  • You are no longer looking for someone to give you permission to step into the true YOU. 

A Guided Approach Takes You Farther

I have a guided approach for you to deeply attune to and integrate your body, mind and spirit, enabling you to develop and connect with your own inner light for guidance and truth ... no matter where you are.

We integrate in order to ascend ... because disconnection is the root of seeking and searching and always winding up unfilled. Most people fall short because they work in silos - only focusing on mindset, or the physical body or their spiritual practice. This program will show you how full integration will accelerate your growth. 

We’ll get to the root of limiting beliefs and develop total integration of mind, body and spirit so that you can fully embody your inner light and shine brighter in the world - feeling lighter, expanded and with deeper purpose.

Gain complete confidence in yourself to trust the universal flow, your inner guidance and what your soul is here to do in this lifetime.

Here's everything you'll get:

  • Eight months of weekly live calls covering topics in-depth that will expand your perspective and support higher-level awareness for taking aligned action
  • 8x activation events that will connect you to deeper levels of your soul, gathering insights and wisdom that will take you higher
  • Private Community to connect with like-minded souls who will share this journey with you
  • Action steps and accountability, to implement what you learn
  • Handouts and resources to take your knowledge deeper and support your integration in between calls 
  • 1:1 integration call upon program completion for integration support
  • Anchor the light welcome package featuring 12 crystals that you will use on this journey, a stand firmly in your light mantra cuff bracelet, sage smudge stick and understanding crystal energy e-book
  • Understanding crystal energy + manifest with crystal grids course for developing your own crystal wisdom
  • Exclusive, 20% off member only discount to during the program

Join me!

Eight months from now you can either be stuck in the same place OR have a solid foundation for embodying your authentic light with the tools and strategies to accelerate your ascension and navigate life with grace and ease. 

You get to choose. Your soul knows if this is for you. 

Big love.

Disclaimer: This program and its contents are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or provide a remedy for any physical illness. If you are concerned about your health, please contact your physician. 

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