Anchor the Light Illuminate - Pay in Full

Anchor the Light Illuminate is an 8-week high-vibe mentorship and soul-shifting accelerator that will help you bring massive clarity and validation to your soul's divine plan so that you may embody your higher potential and shine your authentic light for a place of deep inner knowing.  

From empowering experiences and accountability, to personalized guidance and an intimate community of inspiring souls, you'll begin to trust yourself more deeply, move into greater soul alignment and live in resonance with your soul level truth. 



  • You feel the call deep in your soul that there's something more, but you haven't quite figured out what that is or why, and you often doubt it.
  • You get caught in feelings of not good enough and often get taken out by self-doubt leaving you feeling feeling lost or in a rut, but you are ready to find your authentic voice.
  • You have inklings about your soul mission but then imposter syndrome takes over and you never take aligned action.
  • You have skills and talent going unused because fear of the unknown overshadows the faith and trust in your soul's higher guidance
  • You're drawn to mystical realms but haven't quite figured out how to integrate it all into something more meaningful in your life in a way that makes a difference.
I have a guided approach that combines your cosmic blueprint with integrative coaching, earth medicine and DNA activations, so that you may deeply know who you are and the potential ready to be unlocked when you decide to embody your truth codes.

This program will bring clarity and validation and it will ignite your inner fire, motivating you to fearlessly get what you came for.


  • Weekly Live Calls covering topics in-depth that will expand you and support higher level awareness for taking aligned action
  • 1:1 Astro Blueprint Reading with astrologer, Amber Clair, that will support deep soul validation and permission to align with your higher calling
  • DNA Activations to clear energetic blockages and activate more light in your field bringing greater energetic alignment
  • 1:1 Integration Call at closing for integration support
  • Private Community to connect with like-minded souls who will share this journey with you
  • Action Steps and Accountability to implement what you learn
  • Handouts and Resources to take your knowledge deeper and support your integration 
  • Illuminate Welcome Package feature bespoke crystals curated just for you, Illuminate energy healing bracelet, Illuminate candle and cacao for our closing ceremony
  • Exclusive 20% off member only discount to during the program

Six months from now you can either be stuck in the same place OR on an accelerated path of rising, with soul-level clarity and permission, and a deep knowing of who you are and who you came here to be, so that you can unapologetically shine your light with the world.

I personally believe the power of this container is in the commUNITY. It is in your deep witnessing, how you 'go first' and trust your soul to lead, together, with the support of sisters walking beside you.

I can't wait to support your deeper journey of becoming.

It's time. I'm rooting for you.

Big love.

Disclaimer: This program and its contents are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or provide a remedy for any physical illness. If you are concerned about your health, please contact your physician. 

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