Anchor the Light Shine - Monthly

It's an intimate circle for Self-Mastery graduates who want to stay in the mastery and ascend - to live at your highest expression with with peace, joy and ease.

When you join Anchor the Light Shine, you will receive access to the latest Self-Mastery content allowing you to deepen your spiritual practices and skills while also receiving support and guidance for anything that may arise. And you will be invited to attend the monthly cacao ceremonies that our current Self-Mastery students participate in each month, providing an opportunity to expand your heart, receive soulful insights and heal on deeper levels.


  • Monthly mastery call that will motivate and inspire you to live at a high vibration and co-create your dream life
  • Monthly office hours call to ask your question live and receive coaching support to bust through blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Monthly cacao ceremonies to return to wholeness and activate your soul
  • Private online community to connect with like-minded souls who will share this journey with you
  • Continued access to Self-Mastery  including the latest updates which include the core Crystal Wisdom Codes modules
  • Exclusive 20% off student discount to  


This option allows you access on a month-to-month basis meaning you can cancel at anytime. You will pay your first month upon signup and automatically every 30 days thereafter. 


You stay in the frequency of expansion when you set the intention to do so and when align your beliefs, thoughts, actions and feelings with the practices and support systems that serve your highest unfolding.

This is a beautiful container for you to continue receiving support, activations, guidance and the medicine of sisterhood. This is truly a space of love and compassion that will embolden your light. 

With open arms, I invite you into this intimate circle.

Disclaimer: This program and its contents are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or provide a remedy for any physical illness. If you are concerned about your health, please contact your physician. 

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