Anchor the Light Virtual! - The Autumn Equinox Experience

Join me for a virtual ceremonial experience that will inspire your spirit and raise your vibration!

In coming together to honor the cycle of the seasons, we align with the earth’s turning point to develop deeper personal insights. We celebrate the fruits of our co-creations and take this time to reflect, share and connect with the wisdom of the earth to thoughtfully create new intentions that are supported by the light of the sun and the energy of the cosmos. 

This is a virtual class where we will connect via Zoom! You'll experience a guided crystal meditation to cleanse your aura and activate deeper parts of your remembering that will empower your journey.

Exercise your creativity by creating your own affirmation for inner growth during this new season, and seal your intentions by making a bracelet that will serve as a daily reminder and offer energetic support.

Materials will be mailed to you in advance of the class. This is an interactive session where you will be invited to share your experience and connect with other participants!

Space is limited.

Purchase your ticket no later than Sept 20 to ensure your materials arrive on time! 

Join the Tribe