anchor your light workshop for lightworkers, starseeds, empaths and earth angels by sarah belle

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Join me for this 2.5-hour, virtual workshop, empowering lightworkers, starseeds, empaths and earth angels to embrace your spiritual power and activate with the radiant light within you for personal and planetary ascension. 

Your soul incarnated at this time to play a very special role of harmonizing energies on the planet, supporting our evolution into higher states of consciousness. There are many ways to contribute and it is your unique expression that allows you to contribute in the special way that only you can.

For many lightworkers, there is a subconscious lack of belief, patterns of self-sabotage and ancestral wounds that prevent them from fully stepping into their power. There is a lack of personal sovereignty and a self-doubt that prevents them from leaning in to their soul's divine plan.

This workshop will support deeper remembering and liberate you to align with your soul's higher plan. 

It will include live transmission, hands-on experiences, peer sharing and heart-opening medicine and soulful activations to catalyze your path of service.

You will be held in a loving space to:

  • Gain insight to your soul mission and lineage that activates deeper sovereignty and alignment with your soul gifts.
  • Restore a deeper belief in your purpose and work through limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Learn tools for working with your light and become a more conscious steward of light on this planet.
  • Activate your heart field in coherence to attune to your intuition and higher guidance.
  • Discover your soul song and learn how to interact with the sonic field to weave your prayers into the cosmos supporting higher levels of manifestation.

This workshop is not just an event; it's an activation point on your journey to living a more empowered, spiritually aligned life. Whether you are new to these concepts or looking to deepen your path, this workshop will offer valuable resources and experiences to assist in your spiritual expansion.

This is for you if:

  • You feel called to be of service during this pivotal time of evolution and ascension.
  • You are ready to explore and activate your unique spiritual gifts and align with your soul's divine plan. 
  • You want to release patterns of self-sabotage, clear imposter syndrome and reclaim your personal sovereignty.
  • You seek a supportive, loving community where you can share experiences and grow along light-minded souls.
  • You are eager to learn practical tools to enhance your ability to work with light and energy consciously.
  • You desire to connect more deeply with your intuition and higher guidance through heart coherence and other spiritual practices.

This workshop will be a recorded and a replay will be available for 90 days. It is best to attend live to receive guidance and coaching support, encouragement from sisters sharing this journey, and ask your questions live.

Join us if you are ready to step into a life of greater alignment, empowerment and purpose, harnessing your light to serve in ways that only you can. This workshop is your gateway to transforming personal challenges into spiritual opportunities, enabling you to lead with love and spiritual power in this pivotal time.

About payment:

This workshop is being offered at three price levels to meet you where you are. Please feel into what is the right level for you.

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