Aura Chalcedony Druzy Small

These beautiful crystals are like tiny galaxies! They are mesmerizing to the eye with each one being truly unique.

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that helps to reduce negative emotions and bring body, mind and spirit into alignment. It brings feelings of kindness, joy and good will as it eases anxiety and irritability. 

Druzy crystal is the composed of tiny sparkling mineral structures that form over a larger crystalline matrix, in this case, chalcedony. They are wonderfully relaxing for how the reflect light into the atmosphere.

The aura finish is applied to this crystal using a vapor disposition process. This titanium coating produces an eye catching luster that is appealing. It is thought to enhance the crystals metaphysical properties by amplifying energy, removing blocks and promoting creativity.

  • Magical crystals that are mesmerizing to the eye and deeply relaxing.
  • Supportive to stress relief, calming, imparting joy and benevolence.
  • Aids in transforming negative emotions that may be holding you back.
  • Raw stone that is perfect for placing some place you will see it daily to add a little spark of magic and inspiration to your life.
  • Stones will vary in size from 1"-1.5" in length.
Every crystal is a natural mineral form the earth which means variations to color, size and shape are normal.

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