Aura Reading + Energy Healing

In this 45-minute session, your aura will be energetically interpreted and insights will be shared based on what is present in your field at the time of your reading. We'll also look at common energetic patterns, strong chakra centers and weak chakra centers to illuminate how your energy field serves you and in what ways it doesn't.

From there, we'll discuss the areas where you may want to focus your attention and energy healing to show up as a stronger, more embodied and empowered version of yourself. 

Recommendations will be provided for how to bring your energy field into balance and how to work with energetic patterns. These patterns take time to develop and they take a concerted effort to reprogram. Healing modalities include such things as working with crystal energy, reframing thought patterns using EFT tapping, affirmations and personal mantras, vibrational sound healing, high frequency jewelry and other energy healing techniques. You'll leave this session with a defined set of practices for awakening your awareness and shifting your energy to move into greater balance and optimize wellbeing. 

To focus our time together, it is best to review the FAQ's beforehand so that you have a full understanding of the process and we can jump right in. 

The colors of your aura may change based on your lifestyle and cellular changes. However, it is common to have a dominant color, just like your personality, that stays fairly consistent over time. You will have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss pathways for strengthening your health, vitality, and your journey through this lifetime.

Your aura is your energetic signature. It emanates all around you and soaks up energetic information that informs the other subtle bodies as well as the physical body. You also give off energy through this exchange. The aura is comprised of chakras, or wheels of energy that align vertically down the body and are each associated with a gland in the body. Long before disease appears in the body, there are energetic imbalances and imprints in the subtle bodies (emotional, mental, etheric, causal) that allow dis-ease to manifest. Through good self-care, self-study and a willingness to resolve energetic blocks, wellness and vitality prevail and are sustained.

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