Balance Stacking Bracelet

The Balance bracelet is designedto impart the energies of grounding, oneness, intuition, joy, flow and clear communication to help you find your equilibrium.

It is made with lavastone for grounding through transformation; moonstone for intuition, flow, and higher consciousness; sunstone for energy and strength; aquamarine for clear communication, harmony and going with the flow; bone beads, recycled african glass and coco shell for grounding and connecting you with oneness consciousness and greater perspective.

Allow these energies to support you with finding your natural state of flow, harmony and balance.

  • Intuitively designed with healing crystal energy to support balance and relaxation.
  • Grey lavastone may be used to diffuse your favorite essential oils adding a sensory component that reminds you of your intention or affirmation.
  • Made with love and blessed with reiki energy in the USA.
  • Comes on stretchy elastic cord and easily slips over your hand.
  • Measures approximately 7.5".
  • Comes with info card that explains the gemstones used.

Mantra:  I choose harmony and balance.

Note natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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