Beck Quartz Spike Necklace

Beautiful long quartz crystal and labradorite necklace with healing vibes. It features an array of alternating crystal spikes and wood discs that radiate positive energy in all directions, complemented by labradorite for protecting your aura.

Quartz is the most powerful mineral on the planet for healing and amplifying energy. With a unique helical spiral crystalline form, it stores, releases, absorbs and regulates energy and is the best for unblocking it. It offers deep cleansing to the body, connecting the physical and mental bodies, strengthening the organs and enhancing the subtle bodies. It operates at a vibrational level attuned to the person needing healing and what their energy field requires.

Labradorite protects the aura and enhances intuition. It supports transformation and the crown chakra.

  • Quartz crystal for imparting positive vibes and storing your intentions
  • Labradorite for protecting your energy field
  • Healing crystal energy for raising your vibration
  • Modern, unique design for high style
  • Perfect for laying or making a statement
  • Neutral palette complements everything
  • Approximately 30" in length

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