Shungite Better Half Necklaces

The Better Half Necklaces come with two individual necklaces that are unisex in design and meant to be shared between two souls who share a deep connection. Whether you're best friends or star-crossed lovers, the half moon symbol will represent the bond you share and how meaningful it is, connecting you even when you're the other is not present. 

Made with leather cord and shungite half moon pendant. Shungite is an amazing stone for grounding, protection, purification and energetic alignment. 

Read our blog post, Shungite Uses and Properties for more info.

  • Inspiring symbolism for your spiritual journey
  • Healing crystal energy for protection, purification and alignment
  • Modern version of a best friend necklace unites your souls
  • Unisex design is universal for all walks of life
  • Comes with two necklaces for sharing, one on a brown cord and one on a black cord to represent the yin and yang in any relationship
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Adjustable length that can easily slip over your head and worn long or mid length 

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