Birthday Bundle - Charm Necklace, Sage, and 30 Minute Reading

Zodiac Sign

What an amazing gift! Whether it's a special birthday gift or a treat for yourself, this is one present that will inspire your soul. We include your personalized zodiac charm necklace made with gold-filled over sterling silver chain and a matte gold-plated charm. It is 16" in length and is perfect for layering and everyday wear. We add a cute little sage bundle wrapped and handcut fabric ribbon to be used for cleansing your energetic field and making space for the seeds of your intentions to germinate. You will also receive a small quartz crystal point for infusing a special intention or birthday wish. It comes with a simple instruction card so you know exactly how to use it. Lastly, you will receive a 30 minute reading with the amazing, Jenny Shanks, spiritual medium and certified crystal healer.

Jenny connects with her spiritual team upstairs to bring you powerful insights from your loved ones who have crossed over or offer answers to burning questions you may have regarding tough life decisions. Wherever your interest lies in chatting with Jenny, one thing is for sure - she's legit! We've heard it over and over again from everyone she's met.

This is one gift that will be fondly remembered and it's the perfect way to start your next trip around the sun - full of inspiring insights, and all the special tools for cleansing your energetic field, setting clear and grounded intentions, carrying your crystal and wearing your new talisman necklace that symbolizes your uniqueness.

Learn more about Jenny at Note fabric ribbon on sage may vary. Size of crystal point may vary due to the natural of natural quartz crystal. Gift certificate with Jenny will expire after one year.

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