Blue Kyanite Cluster Small

Kyanite aligns and clears the chakras and balances yin and yang energy. It removes blocks bringing the body into balance. It deepens meditative states and promotes communication with other realms. It supports dream recall and has a calming effect.

Blue kyanite is especially powerful for supporting the throat chakra and aligning all of the chakras. It helps with clear communication and self-expression. Find your voice and let go of fears and beliefs that may be blocking you from speaking your truth. Blue kyanite helps you to be honest with yourself and others. It holds a high vibration that energizes and strengthens the aura.

  • Supportive to throat chakra and aligning all your chakras to help energy flow smoothly.
  • Helps with letting go of what may be holding you back to embody your voice.
  • Clusters are wonderful for placing on your nightstand or holding in your hand to appreciate its energy.
  • Stones will vary in size from 1.5-2.5"

Every crystal is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown.

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