Calm and Bright Mala

This is a one-of-a-kind mala designed for a bright and joyful soul who needs a little zen in their life. The girl who's always on the go, putting others before herself, who laughs often and loves to sprinkle her glitter everywhere she goes. It is made of tulsi, dalmatian jasper, howlite, amazonite, and lavastone. It features two guru beads and a bright, firey pink silky tassel. It promotes calming vibrations for reducing anxiety and aiding relaxation and it imparts a happy energy of joy and lightheartedness for not taking yourself so seriously. The bright palette is happy and lively. The lavastone spacer bead in the back can be used as an oil diffuser. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to incorporate scent and deepen your mala practice making it a sensory experience.

Still searching for the right mala? Check out our custom mala which includes a phone consultation to discuss where you are needing support, what your are wanting to manifest and what energy centers may benefit from crystal energy. We can create something very special together.

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