Chakra Flower of Life Wood Grid

This beautiful wood grid is perfect for your chakra crystals! It includes the yantra for each chakra aligned down the middle and overlays the flower of life, a sacred geometry symbol that is said to hold the most important patterns of the universe and all of existence including all molecules, atoms, planets, and galaxies. This design inspires alignment and balance of your energy field and a connection to the expansive energies that connect all of life moving us into greater oneness.

  • Beautiful wood base for chakra crystals
  • Sacred symbolism inspires oneness
  • Beautifully etched chakra yantras and flower of life patterns into sturdy birch wood
  • Natural wood adds a grounding, organic element to your crystal display
  • Grid is 8" in diameter 

Due to the nature of natural products, slight variations may occur. 

Crystals not included.

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