Sharing My Truth Crystal Grid + Bracelet

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This is a unique combination of a crystal grid, selenite activating wand and coordinating bracelet for amplifying your intentions and elevating your vibration.

These are designed in small batches and contain a potent blend of energies. You'll know if this combination is for you just by looking at it and absorbing its radiance.  

Working with a Grid

The beauty of working with a crystal grid is that the energy of each crystal is networked together to form a collective energy that is much larger than the sum of the individual energies. Because we love wearing our crystals, we've created a unique approach to working with your grid by incorporating a coordinating bracelet that you will activate with the grid. This allows you to stay connected to a much larger network of crystal energy for the ultimate energetic support. It will also serve as a reminder of the intentions you carry in your heart, connecting you back to your inner spirit throughout the day.

We recommend placing your grid in a special location where you'll regularly see it, and wear your bracelet every day while working with your intention. This will allow you to attune to the energetic vibrations, receiving maximum support along your journey. Note it is not recommended to sleep or shower in your bracelet.

About the Grid

This grid features a combination of crystal energies that promotes clearly arriving at your highest truth with a deep inner knowing and seeing. From that, being able to share it with courage and confidence, wrapped in serenity and inner calm, encouraging you every step of the way.

The vibrations are gentle yet powerful, ready to support your intentions with the loving energy and wisdom of the earth. 

Aspen Wood Base

The base is made from beautiful, reclaimed aspen trees, naturally fallen in Colorado. Every piece will have its own unique character. 

Aspen trees bring spiritual messages of fearlessness, community, and the wisdom to look within for answers.

This wood base has been air dried to ensure no moisture is left before shipping. Over time, it is possible for the bark to crack and/or fall off. For the longest life span, we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight and wet areas.

Grid base measures approximately 4-5" in diameter. 

Amethyst Generator

The amethyst generator is at the center of the grid serving as the central connector, anchoring and amplifying the collective energies of this grid. It sends energy up and out into the room to serve all with its healing vibrations. Amethyst supports relaxation, mediation, rest, inner sight and expanding intuition. This crystal is approximately 1.25” tall.


Chrysocolla is a goddess stone and the quintessential stone of communication. It supports clear communication, teaching, full expression, and feeling empowered to speak your truth. It helps diffuse negative energy and soothes the nerves to promote calmness and reduce anxiety.


Howlite is helpful in reducing stress and promoting healthy emotions. It also helps with insomnia by serving to quiet an anxious, overactive mind. Known as a calming stone, Howlite encourages communication and expression while teaching patience.


Citrine is a stone of success, achievement and prosperity. It is a wonderful stone for attracting abundance in all forms. It boosts confidence and courage and imparts vibrations of happiness and joy. These raw points face out sending energy out into the room amplifying the reach of this grid.


Flourite is a master organizer. It wards off negative energy and stress. It blocks geopathic stress when appropriately positioned and is very effective at working against computer and electromagnetic stress. It purifies, cleanses, dispels and reorganizes anything that is not within perfect order to overcome chaos, offer protection and expedite progress. It grounds and integrates spiritual energies to enhance intuition and advance spiritual awakening. It brings suppressed feelings to the forefront to be resolved and dissolves fixed patterns and ideas to open up the mind to see a bigger perspective. It helps to organize and process information and can assist with learning, bridging what is known and unknown to facilitate better judgement and objectivity.


The selenite wand is used to activate your grid. We recommend placing it next to your grid to cleanse the energy of the space and keep the high vibes flowing.

Selenite is a powerhouse in the world of crystals. Comprised of gypsum, one of the most abundant elements of the earth, it is soft white in color with a linear texture. It clears negative energy and helps to restore emotional balance. It is especially go to use after being around negative people or in crowds or anytime you feel the weight of others' energy. It is a self charging stone meaning it never has to be cleansed or cleared. It can charge other stones and gemstone jewelry by simply laying them on the selenite. This stone is also great for opening energy of the crown chakra and helping you to establish greater connection to the divine and angelic realm.

About the Bracelet

This bracelet features tulsi, flourite, amethyst, howlite, coco shell and citrine for connecting to your grid's energy and amplifying its affects in your field. Tulsi is a powerful adaptogenic herb with anti-inflammatory properties. It will develop a richer patina over time as it collects natural oil from your skin. Wear your bracelet daily while working with your intention.

Activating Your Grid

In order to create this powerful field, the energies must be linked together and activated. You'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to do this to ensure you receive its fullest benefits.

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