Crystal Wisdom Codes - 4 Payments

Ready for a quantum leap in your work with crystals that will develop your intuition and connect you with your higher self to access the ancient wisdom held in the stones?

Ready to join an uplifting community of like-minded souls who support your growth and expansion?

Crystal Wisdom Codesis a first-of-its-kind mentorship and hands-on certification program, for energy healers, lightworkers, spiritual seekers and crystal lovers who want to develop a deeper connection to crystals, awaken their intuition and access the wisdom they holdfor themselves and their clients.

From soul-shifting experiences and accountability to stay the course, to personalized guidance and a community of inspiring souls, you'll find a safe place to connect, practice, grow and develop your skills!


  • You know you have intuitive gifts but aren’t sure how to develop them or don't fully trust them.
  • You want to learn how to access and gain confidence in your own inner guidance and finally release the need to seek outside yourself for the answers.
  • ​You want to reconnect with the part of you that has worked with crystals across lifetimes and just needs to remember how to access the wisdom they hold.
  • ​You want a supportive community that gets you and embraces the authentic you. 
  • ​You want a safe, comfortable environment to practice, grow, and develop.
  • ​You want to offer more value to your clients by broadening your crystal healing skills.
  • ​You have a ton of crystals sitting around collecting dust and you aren’t sure how to really connect with them. 
I’ve found that crystals are amazing tools for supporting our awakening and ascension. They operate on the level of light energy and hold a high vibration that supports our ability to activate and hold more light within.

When you learn how to access the wisdom codes they carry, you’re actually learning how to connect with your higher self. You’ll gain new perspectives and insights that create more clarity, confidence, trust and ease. Life begins to open up in and exciting ways as you’ll enter into direct dialog with universal intelligence and will no longer feel prompted to seek outside of yourself for answers. 

You hold the wisdom codes within you!


When you step into Crystal Wisdom Codes...

  • ​You'll develop your connection to crystals with virtual group classes presented live that contain hands-on learning, group discussion and skill development.
  • ​You'll have a safe, comfortable place to practice and grow your skills.
  • ​You'll receive resources and handouts to reinforce what you learn.
  • ​You'll be invited to join an exclusive Facebook group to connect, ask questions and receive support.
  • ​You'll have lightwork (aka homework) to take your experiences deeper, developing your own true wisdom.
  • ​You'll receive an exclusive student discount to Sarah Belle during the program to save money while building your crystal collection.
  • ​You'll have the option to get certified as a Crystal Wisdom Codes Practitioner if you complete the required assignments.
  • ​You'll receive access to Sarah's courses, Understanding Crystal Energy and Manifest with Crystal Grids to ensure you have a strong foundation from which to develop your connection further.

You are intuitive

We are all intuitive. It's simply a matter of discovering your gifts and developing your connection. For some people, crystals are an especially natural path for doing this. 

If you've read this far, you most likely have a strong connection to crystals and this will be a natural way for you to access the spiritual realm for guidance and support. You simply need to remember.

You'll be guided through a variety of experiences to build your connection, get to know how the stones speak through you and develop the confidence to share the messages you receive.

Understand your intuitive connection, get to know your higher self, expand your perception of reality and awaken to higher states of consciousness.

As you awaken the codes within, you'll have access to a deeper realm of wisdom and guidance from which you'll gain clarity, confidence, and a deep sense of support and connection for navigating life's journey.


Get certified (certification is optional) to demonstrate that you've unlocked the codes and are ready to share crystal wisdom with clients!

This certification is internationally recognized by IPHM.


  • 8x live calls that will expand your perspective, grow your experience and build your connection
  • Monthly office hours calls to ask questions and receive feedback
  • Private Facebook community to connect with like-minded souls who will share this journey with you
  • Action steps and accountability to implement what you learn
  • Handouts and resources to take your knowledge deeper
  • Exclusive access to foundational courses, Understanding Crystal Energy and Manifest with Crystal Grids, for further developing your knowledge and skills
  • Exclusive 20% off student discount to during the program to build your crystal collection
  • Crystal Wisdom Codes practitioner certification when you complete the required assignments
  • One year access to all course material
  • Four month access to the live calls and Facebook community

In a few short months from now you can be on your way to accessing your own inner wisdom, sharing it with others and embodying a higher state of consciousness as we you awaken and activate your connection to your crystals and to your higher self.

I personally believe that it's time we, as a collective, move beyond viewing the world through our five physical senses and that we open to the mystical world of spirit and energy that is a natural part of our daily lives. As humans, we are naturally multi-dimensional! Let's normalize our abilities as we ascend and pave the way for future generations to fully embody their intuitive senses. 

Are you ready to unlock the codes?! You get to choose. Your soul knows if this is for you. 

Big love.

Disclaimer: This program and its contents are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or provide a remedy for any physical illness. If you are concerned about your health, please contact your physician. 

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    Norma J.
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    "The best" decision I've made in a very long time!! Awesome programs, enlightenment all along the way, SarahBelle and the community in "Anchor the Light" are amazing and supportive!!

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