DECU Face Reading

Welcome to coding the new human! DECU stands for Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade. This is an energetic face reading that changes how we look at skincare. We can literally reverse the signs of aging by diving deep into your unconscious programs that are keeping you stuck in lower vibrations that are no longer a match for the you that you want to become!

In this 30-minute session, you'll choose an area of the skin to work on. As a certified DECU practitioner, I'll uncover what programs are linked to these cells, the age they were inserted, any fears or emotions tied to them and more. Together, we'll clear these old programs and patterns and replace them with high frequency programs.

You'll leave the session with deep insights, immense healing and a new practice for teaching your cells how to hold these higher frequencies. You will be upgrading your cellular structure to vibrate higher and your skin will mirror this work back for you. 

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