Follow Your Arrow Bracelet Stack

The Follow Your Arrow Bracelet Stack offers energetic support for expanding your spiritual awareness to access deeper truths, have the courage to grow and pursue new endeavors, and remain strong and grounded through the process. It includes the following three bracelets:

  • Truth Stacking Bracelet: The Truth Bracelet offers a beautiful mix of energies to support you with following your deepest inner knowing. Lapis lazuli works on the third eye chakra, encouraging you to go deeper within, awakening to your soul's inner most truth. It helps you to be honest with yourself and others and promotes dignity as you move towards greater spiritual enlightenment. It is complemented with coco shell, agate and druzy agate for grounding your truth into the root of who you are so that you may embody your fullest expression.
  • Strength Stacking Bracelet: The Strength Bracelet is made with Indian agate to promote grounding, strength, stability and balance. Agate is a wonderfully protective stone and this variety possesses a strong earthy vibe to connect you with Mother Earth on a deeper level. While it primarily supports that sacral chakra, the green also resonates with the heart chakra to bring emotional stability and self acceptance. Also included is coco shell and wood which is nourishing to the root chakra; labradorite which clears and protects the aura; and druzy agate for promoting relaxation, balance and soothing emotional unrest.
  • New Beginnings Stacking Bracelet: African turquoise is said by some to be the 'stone of evolution'. It encourages change and growth, helping you to awaken to your true purpose. It also soothes the emotions and promotes self-acceptance which can be a struggle when going through a transition. Accent stones include obsidian for protection and letting go of negative attachments to face what's in front of you, wood and coco shell for additional grounding, dalmatian jasper for keeping a sense of joy and lightness in your heart, indian agate for strength, and labradorite for keeping your aura clear and protected. Change isn't easy, but these stones will offer their energetic support along your journey.

Mantra: I confidently follow my highest calling with strength and ease, knowing that this is the natural evolution of my soul.

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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