From Vision to Vibration Workshop

Discover a new way of holding a vision and aligning with it on a vibrational level to bring it into being!

As long as we're in the action of doing and giving, we can't be in the mode of receiving. Or we only receive in small doses, in the cracks between the doing.

We often get so hung up on manifesting and visualizing and calling in what we want, but in that process, we're viewing it far out in the distance as something we don't have. To truly receive, to truly call in our desires, we must shift our vibration to a state of being and allowing the alignment that already exists to come forward.

We often hang out in a state doing because in our mind, it gives us permission to inch closer to alignment. We think we're doing it. Co-creating. And we are. We're always producing outcomes. But as long as it's out in the future, it can never be in the now. What we desire can happen so much faster when we work on the level of presence, vibration and being fully in it!

Learn how to put this powerful work in action at the From Vision to Vibration Workshop. It's the new way of vision boarding and it may just blow your mind.

Tap into your creativity and what makes you expand as you create your own personal vibration board and discover a daily practice of presencing what is and aligning with more abundance, gratitude and joy.

We’ll also introduce crystal energy as a way to raise and align your vibration.

All materials will be provided. Feel free to bring your own journal if you prefer it. No experience is required. Just come with an open heart!

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