Happy Tulsi Mala

The Happy Tulsi Mala has been thoughtfully designed to tame the inner critic and relax the overanalytical mind so that you can embrace the lighter side of life. Our mind is a powerful force in our lives. We can quickly get caught in a tailspin of negative thoughts that weave together to create stories that aren't even true. When we can quiet the mind and become present to the moment, we realize what is true. When we anchor ourselves in truth, we create greater alignment between body, mind, and spirit that delivers more joy and happiness in our lives.

The mala design includes tulsi, a powerful adaptogenic herb that reduces inflammation and dispels negativity offering protection. Peach aventurine promotes positive thinking, reducing negative thought patterns, helps with overcoming any shyness, and imparts a calming effect. Lavastone offers grounding, supports with transitions, and can be used as a diffuser by adding a few drops of essential oil to any of the stones to incorporate aromatherapy into your practice. Dalmatian jasper imparts joy and reminds one to have fun in life. It also protects against negative energies and balances the yin and yang. A beautiful amazonite stone is used for the guru bead and resonates with the heart, throat, and crown chakras to reduces anxiety and imparts peace and tranquility. The orange tassel is associated with the sacral chakra and is a color of joy, freedom, happiness, creativity, expression, encouragement, and fun.

Note that with use, tulsi will develop a darker appearance as the oils from your skin come into contact with it. Think of it how leather becomes richer over time with wear developing its own unique characteristics. This will symbolize the beauty of your journey. As your practice develops your mala you will develop a special relationship with your mala and it will start feel like an old friend.

Check out the mala making ebook, The Art of Mala Making, Ritual, and Practice.

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