Higher Living Bracelet Stack (Diffuser)

The Higher Living Bracelet Stack helps to bring joy to the heart, promote relaxation into the present moment, increase your intuition and expand your consciousness, raising your vibration.

It includes the following three bracelets:

  • Inner Knowing Stacking Bracelet: The inner knowing stacking bracelet features carefully selected crystals to help you access your intuition for clarity on your path. It is made predominately with flourite which helps one to focus the mind and get clear. It is accented with amethyst spikes which promote spiritual expansion, intuition, and deepen meditation. It includes dalmation jasper for keeping a light heart on your journey, getting out of your heart and into the present moment where joy may be found. Moonstone helps with expansing your intuition and tapping into greater self love. Labradorite provides protection to the aura and also helps to tap in to your inner knowing and psychic awareness. Lavastone helps to ground your energy and provide balance. And lastly quartz crystal helps to amplify it all. Together these crystals are super high vibe! Take your practice a step further by programming your bracelet with an intention and wear it daily to be supported by the beautiful blend of energy it offers.
  • Joy Stacking Bracelet: Dalmatian jasper stacking bracelet accented by green moss agate, quartz, coco shell and African turquoise for an earthy and playful mix of gems. Dalmatian jasper helps to soften an overactive mind and impart joy and lightheartedness, while green moss agate provides grounding and connection and African turquoise supports evolving on your path. This bracelet may be used as a mala and infused with intention for manifesting your deepest desires.
  • Elevate Bracelet: Playful dalmatian jasper and amazonite are accented by amethyst to impart vibrations of relaxation, joy, and expansion. These crystals are perfect for those with a busy mind and who are always on the go. The crystal energy in this bracelet was designed to help you keep a light heart and an open, balanced mind.

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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