Keep Calm and Power On Crystal Grid

The beauty of working with a crystal grid is that the energy of each crystal is networked together to form a collective energy that is much larger than the sum of the individual energies. Place your grid in a special room where you'll regularly receive its vibrations.

This grid features a combination of crystal energies that promotes emotional balance and relaxation while also energizing your desires and actions to pursue a higher purpose. The vibrations are gentle yet powerful, ready to support your intentions with the loving energy and wisdom of the earth. 

Flower of life mandala base

The Flower of Life is thought to be over 6,000 years old and can be found in most all major religions throughout the world. It is composed of concentric, equal, and overlapping circles and is said to contain vital information regarding the universe and all living things. It is believed by many that there is a secret symbol within the Flower of Life and it holds the most important patterns of the universe and all of existence including all molecules, atoms, planets, and galaxies. Many other sacred geometry symbols can be taken from the Flower of Life, such as Vesica Pisces, Tripod of Life, Egg of Life, Tube Torus, and Metatron's Cube.

Because this symbol in sacred geometry is so powerful, it provides the perfect base for networking crystal energy to support the manifestation of your intentions.

Grid is made of birch and measures 9" in diameter. The pattern is beautifully etched into the wood to provide years of use. 

Quartz generator

The quartz generator is at the center of the grid serving as the central connector, anchoring and amplifying the collective energies of this grid. It sends energy up and out into the room to serve all with its healing vibrations. This crystal is 3” tall.


Raw amethyst nuggets offer vibrations of relaxation and are supportive with meditation, rest, inner sight and expanding intuition.

Quartz points

Quartz points provide a channel for directing energy out as well as drawing the energy of the outer crystal in toward the generator. They amplify the energy in the grid and may be used to store intentions. Consider programming six attributes surrounding your overall intention for this grid.


Citrine is a stone of success, achievement and prosperity. It is a wonderful stone for attracting abundance in all forms. It boosts confidence and courage and imparts vibrations of happiness and joy. These raw points face out sending energy out into the room amplifying the reach of this grid.


Amazonite is a great stone for reducing stress and anxiety and creating a calm, serene state. It is a good stone for clear communication and harmonizing the emotions. These tumbled stones surround the perimeter to bring a soft, loving vibration to this grid.

Activating Your Grid

In order to create this powerful field, the energies must be linked together and activated. You'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to do this to ensure you receive its fullest benefits.

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