Manifest Bracelet Stack (Diffuser)

The Manifest Bracelet Stack is thoughtfully designed to ground and center your spirit, enhance your intuition to develop clear insights, and energetically support your intentions and deepest desires to help you co-create your reality.

It includes the following three bracelets:

Intuition Stacking Bracelet: The intuition stacking bracelet features thoughtfully selected crystals for raising your vibration and enhancing your intuition. It is made with quartz crystal for clearing negative energy, amplifying the effects of other crystals and increasing your intuition. It also has noteworthy moonstone that is known for connecting you to lunar energy and your divine feminine nature to build intuition. White howlite is a stone that promotes calming and relaxation while also supporting the crown chakra and connecting to the angelic realm.

Other stones include amazonite for reducing stress and allowing you to connect, lavastone and tulsi for grounding and purifying your energy field. This bracelet supports expanding your consciousness while grounding your spiritual energy so that you can develop meaningful insights and act on them in the present. Crystal energy works to gently support your heart's deepest desires. Take your practice a step further by programing your bracelet with your intentions. Quartz crystal is the master at carrying stored information.

Abundance Stacking Bracelet: The abundance stacking bracelet is thoughtfully designed to carry all the vibes for manifesting your heart's desires and cultivating more abundance in your life. It includes: Quartz crystal for amplifying all the crystal energy present and for clearing negativity that may be blocking what it is you wish to manifest Pyrite which carries the energy of the sun and is a powerful stone for manifestation, taking action, and abundance Citrine which supports achievement, success, building wealth, having confidence and courage Jade which is a quintessential stone for prosperity, abundance, health, and longevity Dalmatian jasper which includes flecks of black tourmaline for grounding, protecting, and clearing negative energy, but also this stone is good for keeping a joyful heart and reminding you not to take yourself too seriously. We have to relax in order to receive!

Tulsi, a powerful adaptogenic herb that helps in times of stress, but also to serve as a reminder that we are one with all of life, part of a greater cosmic dance and we can't mess it up!

Zeta Druzy Bracelet: The beauty and wonder of druzy is mesmerizing to all as light dances across its crystalline surface like a thousand glittering diamonds. Its healing energy offers support with reducing stress, cleansing the aura and dispelling negativity. Druzy is known to promote relaxation.

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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