Merkaba Wood Crystal Grid Round

Create your own beautiful crystal grid with this birch wood base laser cut with a merkaba symbol.

The merkaba is a tool for ascension as it restructures cells to promote regeneration and protects the body. It raises the frequency of the body and the environment to connect to higher consciousness. It's an ancient symbol that means 'chariot' and was known as the way to God. It represents unity, peace and harmony.

Because this symbol in sacred geometry is so powerful, it provides the perfect base for networking crystal energy to support the manifestation of your intentions.

  • Beautiful wood base for creating your own crystal grids
  • Powerful sacred geometry pattern infuses the field with high frequencies
  • Made of laser cut birch wood to provide years of use
  • Measures 6" in diameter and works with a variety of crystal sizes

Due to the nature of natural materials, slight variations may occur.

Crystals pictured are not included.

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