Muscovite Mica

Muscovite mica also called star mica is said to be the 'reflection stone.' It is supportive with helping you take a deep look inward to reprogram beliefs and release old attachments. It is supportive to the crown chakra and helps to invite in connection and unity, letting go of separation. It also helps with connecting to the stars imparting optimism and confidence as you see all that you are.
  • Crystal energy for doing the inner work and becoming a higher version of yourself
  • Supportive to the crown chakra
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Perfect for placing on your nightstand, altar or a special place where you’ll see it daily and enjoy it’s positive, energetic vibe
  • Raw stone means that it may have rough edges 
  • Stones will vary in size from 1.25-2" in length
Every crystal is a natural mineral form the earth which means variations to color, size and shape are normal.

Please note: Mica will naturally flake as this is a characteristic of the mineral. Handle with care. 

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