My Harmonic Universe + Activation

Harmonic Universe is a small batch My Harmonic that is intuitively created to activate, awaken and autocorrect energetic patterns in your field to align with the higher harmonics of our universe in this now. This product also comes with two live activation events held virtually via Zoom on May 18 and June 5.

While I do offer a custom blended My Harmonic, I was guided to create this small batch offering to support individuals with transcending distortions around freedom, joy and pleasure to move into greater soul alignment. 

This blend is a limited edition and is encoded with light language, crystal and plant energy, and cosmic frequencies to support your expansion into the higher harmonic codes of freedom, joy and pleasure that are born from true and organic source light consciousness.  

You will be invited to attend two, live activation calls to introduce you to this sacred tool and celebrate the energetic shifts you experience. These calls are scheduled for May 18 at 7pm EST and June 5 at 6pm EST.

By intentionally working with these frequencies, you will make energetic shifts that gradually align you with the higher harmonics of our intelligent universe. This energy will likely be felt in the root, sacral and heart chakras; however it will intelligently go where needed to autocorrect any distortions or imprints. These codes carry organic and true light and will serve as a potent tool for your soul's evolution at this time.

Each oil will comes with a postcard that includes the lightcode, information about how to use it and a soul expanding mantra.

The creation process is divinely guided by the Council of Light. Quantities are limited and each bottle has its own subtle uniqueness. Going forward, these small batch blends will be created as guided. It is important that you tune in and ask if this is for you now. 

To do this, simply bring your awareness to your heart. Take a deep breath. And connect with the handpainted lightcode in the images shown here. Allow your heart and body to respond. You will feel if it is an energetic match by tuning into your body's response.

If you find this product is not for you now, you may also check in to see if a custom My Harmonic blend might be more supportive. My Harmonic is a sacred serum created just for you, calling in the frequencies needed for healing, growth and elevating your consciousness restoring you to your home frequency – your harmonic! The purpose is to awaken dormant parts of your DNA so that you uncover the lost or hidden parts of yourself, reclaim them and embody more of who you already are and who you came here to be. 

  • Custom blended frequency oil intuitively created with the Council of Light
  • Unique combination of vibrational sound, crystal energy, plant oils and light language for aligning with higher harmonics of freedom, joy and pleasure
  • Comes with information about how to use it
  • Includes two live activation calls to support your growth
  • Raises your vibration and connects you with a truer, organic expression

Note the oils are not intended to be perfume. Nor are they intended to be a substitute for medical treatment.

My Harmonic is intended to spark a sensory experience and is a sacred tool for awakening. Know that it is all perfect.

With a deep belief in this creation, no refunds or exchanges will be offered.

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