Pachamama Bangle Bracelet

The Pachamana Bangle Bracelet is made with a gold plated bangle and features the pachamama symbol to connect you with the energies of Mother Earth. It also has a beautiful faceted moonstone to carry through more feminine energy, promoting your intuition and flow. This bracelet stacks beautifully with other gemstone bracelets adding a pop of gold and a soulful little charm to the mix.

  • Moonstone supports the crown chakra and connects you with your intuition and feminine flow.
  • Pachamama charm symbolizes the Mother Earth and connects you with energies of support, abundance and stability.
  • Made with a gold plated bangle for adding a unique texture to your bracelet stack.
  • Made with love and blessed with reiki energy in the USA. 

Note natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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