Pink Tourmaline Rubellite Palm Stone

Pink tourmaline rubellite is a wonderful stone for soothing emotions and resolving old wounds to bring about balance and restoration of the heart field. It enhances self love and the release of worry, guilt, depression and anxiety. It supports romantic love and deep emotional harmony.

  • Crystal energy for supporting the heart and root chakras with courage, compassion and emotional balance
  • Palm stones fit into the palm of your hand and look good displayed in your home
  • Lay these palm stones on the skin, use them focus energy, carry them with you or simply hold the stone to feel its energy
  • Palm stones have a smooth shape, great for relaxation or meditation
  • Stone will vary in size from approximately 1.5-2.5" in length.
Every stone is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown.

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