Raw Crystal on Leather Necklace


Handmade by Sarah Belle, these necklaces are beautiful talismans that carry potent spiritual energy. Each one is a unique creation with its own frequency that you will connect with and grow with over time. They are made with repurposed leather scraps and raw crystals that have been hand selected. 

When not being worn, it is best to keep it in a sacred place away from chaotic energy. You may wish to cleanse and charge it with the sunlight or moonlight and may even program it with your healing intentions. Allow it to support you and guide you into greater states of becoming.

  • Talisman necklaces offer spiritual protection.
  • Sacred creation for deepening your spiritual practice and connection.
  • Raw crystal energy for energetic support.
  • Created mindfully with shamanic power.
  • Blessed with reiki energy.
  • Looks beautiful layered with other shorter necklaces.
  • Handmade in our high vibe studio in the USA.
  • Approximately 30" in length. 

This listing is for one necklace with a crystal and plain leather. Note there are other listings for additional adornments such as calf hair and feathers.

It is important to note that the animal products used in these pieces are intended to provide the wearer with spiritual energy and power from the animal and are held and worked with in great respect. Allow them to cultivate a greater connection to oneness within you. 

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