Raw Kunzite

Kunzite opens the heart, allowing it to fill with love - not just self-love but love for others, for nature, etc. It expands you to the frequency of love. It helps to unleash positivity and kindness and will alleviate stress and any negative emotions. It connects the heart with the mind to make sense of emotions and it’s a great stone for emotional support. It supports relieving panic, anxiety, stress and fear to embrace divine love.

  • Amazing stone for supporting the heart chakra
  • Fosters self-love and love for all
  • Calms the emotions and promotes positivity
  • Raw stones will have a rough surface and generally emit a stronger energy
  • Crystals will vary in size from 1.3-2.25"
  • Makes a beautiful gift

This is a quartz crystal that has gone through a process to give it its shimmering radiance that reflects so many colors. This process does not affect the properties of the crystal.

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